10 Crazy Things I Want to Do with Weird After 3 Years

10 Crazy Things I Want to Do with Weird After 3 Years

No, it’s not here to tell you about the things that I want to do with Weird after three years. That ship sailed long ago.

I was looking through my drafts in this blog because I was searching for the post I was writing last night that I unfortunately wasn’t able to publish because I fell asleep, dropped my laptop, and now the screen is flickering like a light bulb about to quit its job. I didn’t…

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Here's their menu

These photos were taken long ago but I figured I haven’t updated this section of my blog for quite a while too. So, here it goes!

I already forgot when did this get-together happened. But I’m pretty sure it was last academic year. I went back to UPLB to meet with my BSAC Bloc. Not everyone was there, especially those who transferred with me here in Diliman namely Christy and Antonio. But there…

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